Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Can I Make Money Taking Surveys Online?

Yes! Absolutely! There are legitimate market research companies that pay you to take surveys or participate in focus groups, either online, by phone or in-person. Two of these companies are Luth Research which operates Survey Savvy and National Family Opinion/My Survey .

Survey Savvy and NFO/My Survey are looking for a diverse range of members to complete surveys. Surveys and focus groups help their clients improve products and services. They are a great way to earn extra cash from home.

How long does it take to complete a survey?

It depends. When you receive an email with a request for you to participate in a survey; the email should indicate estimated time the survey will take you to complete along with the amount of compensation you will receive.

Are all companies legitimate?

No! Many have been taken in by companies that promise free product and lots of cash for completeing surveys. Instead of surveys they get nothing but spam in their email inbox. Be careful and do your research before you sign up.

When you sign up with NFO/My Survey and Survey Savvy you will only get survey and focus group invitations-no spam.

Are there any other companies?

Yes there are.

I've taken surveys with Greenfield Online and SurveySpot. A years ago I did receive a check for $7 from Survey Spot but have not received a paying survey since then. I've never qualified for a paying survey from Greenfield Online. I know people do, so maybe I don't fit their their needed survey pool. Most of the surveys I receive from Greenfield Online only offer an entry into a sweepstakes. That's not worth 15 or 30 minutes of my time filling out a survey. Your experience might be different.
Here are their websites if you are interested:

Greenfield Online

Survey Spot

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