Monday, June 11, 2007

Work from Home Jobs- Legit or Not?

Many stay-at-home mom's, those on disability or the unemployed search the internet everyday for legitimate work at home opportunities to bring in extra income.

I'm sure we've all seen the ads. "Make thousands a month, for only $9.95, get the complete kit that tells you how!" Or "Make millions in real estate, just call this 1-800 # to get your instruction kit. Only 2 payments of $39.95!"

Ever see the ads that tell you "Moms, work from home and bring in thousands a month!"? These MLM (multi-level marketing) schemes often require you to pay money upfront for inventory, order a certain dollar amount of inventory every month (and hopefully sell it) and recruit others to do the same thing (a "downline"). So you start off paying money out of pocket for a job with no guarantee that it's the right job for you or that it will even bring in money for you. There are many people that are excellent salespeople and bring in large incomes with these types of jobs. But many do not succeed with MLM's and end up just losing money and wasting time.

While there are plenty of scams out there, there ARE actually legitimate companies that hire people that work from home.

Ever order from QVC or any other shop at home TV channel? When you called the operator to place your order, did you wonder where they working at? Did you just assume they were in a large call center somewhere? Actually, many of those operators are working in their own home taking orders and answering customer service calls.

Ever change your long distance telephone service? Often the long distance companies will have a third party verifier come on the phone afterwards to verify your name, address, and that you agree to switch your long distance. Those third party verifiers are often working right in their own home.

Why do companies do this? Well, it saves them money on overhead and other costs. They don't have to rent or lease buildings to house employees nor do they have to pay for supplies and equipment like desks and computers. Most of these companies require you to have your own computer, high speed internet access, a headset and sometimes a dedicated phone line that you will use strictly for working.

Read the fine print and if the company asks you to pay them money so you can start working, be VERY wary. A Google search can reveal complaints or problems with a company that offers work from home positions; or even good reviews! So do your homework carefully.

Here are a list of companies to get you started. All offer work from home positions. Have had experience with any of these companies or others? Email me at or post a comment and share your story!

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Virtual Assistant
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Kitty said...

I worked for West for quite a while and they were a good company to work for...very few problems, quick start-up and they did everything they said they would do. They are in the process of changing from contract workers to employee status, so that's an even BETTER job!