Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fairy Tale Treasures Review

What Is It?
Fairy Tale Treasures is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that is easy to use and has hundreds of offers available. Members can make money from home and their computers by completing offers and surveys. Companies benefit because they need your feedback and opinions, and you get paid for it!

Am I Eligible to Join?
You must be at least 18 and a United States resident.
One membership allowed per household.
The use of proxy servers is not allowed.

How and When Am I Paid?

Payment is made either via paypal, check or gift cards. It's your choice how you want to be paid.
Payments are made on the 20th of every month for the previous month-as long as you've earned a minimum of $10.

Do I Need Referrals?

No. You don't need referrals in order to make money on Fairy Tale Treasures , but there is a referral program in place that can boost your earnings.

Currently, your referrals earn $2 when they sign up, and you earn 12% of their earnings.

The level of earnings that you can earn on your referrals (and the referrals that they make and so on) looks like this:
Level 1 Referrals = 12%
Level 2 Referrals = 4%
Level 3 Referrals = 2%

Is there a way to earn more from referrals?

Yes-just added to Fairy Tale Treasures is their 25% Referral Club. Have at least 5 or more active referrals and complete at least $12.00 in offers yourself. Earn 25% of your referrals earnings after you complete those requirements.

Does that mean my referrals get paid less?

Nope! They will still make everything they earn, you just get paid a higher percentage of what they make. They can earn more with their referrals too.

I Want To Sign Up, Now What?

Click on Fairy Tale Treasures
Then click on "Register" and complete the sign up information to make your login and password.
Follow instructions and you are ready to get started!

TIPS for Signing Up for Offers and Surveys

1. Make sure to click on "Guidebook to this Site" which is located on the right hand side of the website before you get started.

2. Use Internet Explorer for your browser.

3. Clear your cookies after each offer is completed.

I find the offers clear the fastest after I've cleaned my cookies and then closed my browser window completely and reopened it.

Clear your cookies in Internet Explorer 7 this way:

Click on "Tools"
Click on "Internet Options"
Select the "General" tab
Click "Delete" next to "Browsing History"
Another small window will pop up.
Click on "Delete Cookies"

Close your IE window and reopen a new window.

Want an easier way to clear your cookies? Check out CC Cleaner

Be sure and read the quick tutorial on Fairy Tale Treasures for more tips.
It's located at the bottom right hand corner of the box on your Member's Home page.

4. Have an email that you use specifically for Fairy Tale Treasures. Please make sure it's a valid email address.

I use a gmail address. I have another email address that I use strictly for personal emails to my friends and family. I check both email addresses.

5. Download Roboform (it's free to use and download). With the click of one button Roboform will fill out your forms for you, saving you time when filling out offers and surveys.


Having Trouble getting Offers to Clear? How much do you you have to submit? Lori, Owner of Fairy Tale Treasures, has shared the following:
If an offer says "Submit zip and/or email" then that is all you need to do. However, before having signed into FTT you should have cleared your cookies, complete the offer, close the browser window, then clear your cookies before clicking on another offer to complete.

Winning Surveys - Complete the survey until until you see the message at the top that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully."

Big Buck Surveys - About 7-10 pages -- complete the survey until you see the message that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully."

Consumer Beat - same as Big Buck Surveys -- several pages until you see "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully..."

Consumer Expression - complete the survey until you see the message that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully." Any additional questions and surveys after this message do NOT need to be completed.

Consumer Promotion Center - Submit the second page.

My Elite Rewards - Submit 2nd page.

My Insider Deals - Enter your info and choose an offer on the 2nd page. Submit -- and you are finished.

My Select Gifts - Submit the 2nd page.

Opinion Direct - Continue until you see the message in black at the top that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully..."

Rewards Gateway - Submit 2nd page. (A LOT of these have been around for a long time -- if you have been doing GPT sites for a while your name/addy/phone/etc. is probably already in their database).

Survey Networks - Complete the survey until you the message at the top that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully."


Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

Do you still get credit for offers that you complete, when you don't clear the cookies? I can't find the FAQ on the site.

Mom of 3 said...

After you login you should see a black box that says "Members-Home". In the bottom right hand corner you will see "Cookies-How to" that will explain everything. An easy cookie cleaner program to use is

Let me know if this helps-or if you have anymore questions.

Avalon said...

Well said.