Friday, July 13, 2007

Where Can I Find Coupons and Rebate Forms?

Most people assume that the Sunday paper is the only place you can find coupons. Sometimes this thinking prevents people from saving money with coupons because they rarely see coupons in the Sunday coupons supplements that they would use.

I've heard all kinds of reasons for not using coupons;

"We only eat organic foods."


"We only eat lots of fresh produce and meat. There are never coupons for that."

Both of those reasons are not reasons that should prevent someone from saving money with coupons! Hopefully the following list of resources will help those looking to save money on everything they buy; food, cleaning items, paper products like napkins and toilet paper, and healthy and beauty items.

Coupon Sources

#1 Source
The Sunday Paper- Except for major holiday weekends you will find coupon inserts in your Sunday paper. To get the best selection of coupons you should buy the largest paper in your area. If you live near or in a big city, you should buy that paper. It will typically come with the largest selection of coupons and the highest dollar/cents off amounts.
To find out what weekends coupons will be in the paper check here
For a preview of the next weekend's upcoming coupons visit
TaylorTown Preview

Blinkie Coupons
These can be found hanging on grocery store shelves in a red container that might have a blinking light and "spits" the coupons out one at time.

Printable Coupons
Box Tops 4 Education
Betty Crocker Coupons

Order Coupons Online
Have Someone Else Clip Your Coupons!

The Coupon Clippers


Believe it or not, ebay is a great place to find coupons and rebate forms. Be sure to check the seller's feedback and their shipping charges before placing an order. If you need the coupons or rebate forms quickly for an upcoming sale be sure to look at the seller's location before bidding to ensure the items get to you in time.

Trading Coupons and Rebate Forms

There are many places to trade coupons and rebate forms with others.

Refund Cents is my favorite place. Membership is required to enter the Refund Cents main website, and join the trading boards. The benefits are that the boards are highly moderated and "bad" traders are not allowed to trade. You also have access to a complete database of all refunds available, printable and no-form need refunds and refund instructions. Refund Cents has everything a newbie or seasoned couponer/refunder needs. Not to mention the print magazine, Refunding Makes Cents, is a fun read! There are all kinds of articles, tips and information. I love reading about all the groceries that people are able to buy for pennies!

Other places to trade
Refund Sweepers
Hot Coupon World

Don't be afraid to jump in and start trading!
*Remember to get your end of the trade out in a timely fashion!
*Be prompt when answering emails.
*If you are unsure of what to do, don't be afraid to get out there and ask questions.


SavingDiva said...

I would also recommend and for great sites for freebies and coupons. has a great trading forum (you can get pretty great free coupons from other users).

Mom of 3 said...

Thanks Savingdiva (like the name!)

I don't think I've been to slickdeals before, off to check it out! Mind if I add them to the list of sites that have coupon/rebate trading forums?