Monday, August 20, 2007

Greenfield Online Review

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time you know that when I review a survey website I will give an honest opinion of that company. There are too many "survey sites" out there that scam people out of money or never pay members their money earned.

It's been awhile since I've written a review of a survey site (and there are a lot of sites that I take surveys with).

Get PAID to Watch Never Before Seen Movie Trailers

Greenfield Online is a market research company that was started in 1994. They provide information and statistics to many research companies worldwide.

They offer members surveys for sweepstakes entries and cash payments. They have many surveys available to take, which ones you want to do is up to you. (Personally, I only do the ones that pay cash.)

How much do they pay?
It depends on the survey. Payment details are in the survey invitation you receive, or you can view them when you login to your account online.

How do I get paid?
Cash payments are made via check. Login to request your payment.

Who is Eligible?
Residents of the US and Canada.
Greenfield Online is currently searching for male applicants; but anyone is allowed to apply. If you are a female with a husband, boyfriend or brother; have them sign up!

Is there a fee to join?
No. And you should never pay a company for the chance to take surveys. They are supposed to pay you.

What kind of surveys can I expect to take?

There are a variety of surveys available. Anything from sports, food, electronics, groceries, products, entertainment and more.

Be sure to read my other reviews on My Survey and Survey Savvy; two other market research companies that offer paid surveys.


Ginny said...

I've been with greenfield for years now. They used to pay out great, but I haven't had a payout from them in at least 3 years. My survey is awesome though!

Dana said...

hey thanks for the info. I put a link to your blog on my page. I love your post!

Mom of 3 said...


That stinks-no payout in 3 years? Are you getting any survey invites at all? I wonder if it has to do with the demographic that we fall in? Maybe they are looking for people that meet other critera?

I agree-My Survey is one of my absolute faves.