Saturday, August 4, 2007

How Do You Read Blogs?

Do you read blogs by skipping around and visiting each blog? Or do you suscribe to a feed (like Feedburner etc..)?

Let me know how you read blogs!

I'm new to this and have a Feedburner button on my blog, but just realized that I'm not subscribing to any of my favorite blogs. Please tell me this is what I need to do to keep track of all my favorite blogs.

What do you do?


Amy Bass said...

I actually have the blogs I follow (including yours) on my google home page.

Dana said...

i have no idea how to use the feeds? im still learing. i just use the blog catalogs and search. I have no clue what I am doing. help me too!

Mom of 3 said...

Have you opened a Feedburner account yet? Open an account for free, then you can get a "widget" to put on your blog so that people can subscribe to read your blog.

mum on the run said...

I have Feedburner and GoogleReader, but I have all my favourite favourites either on my links on my own blog so they're always on show or bookmarked in "my favourites" on the PC :)

Mom of 3 said...

Mum on the run,
Ok, talk to me about GoogleReader. (Amy is that what you use?) Is there anything that Google doesn't do? Geez.

I'm guessing I can go to and find this?

glblguy said...

I use Google Reader, best reader IMHO. Read all by blogs in one place with reader.

Just go to It's easy to figure out. If you press the ? key it will show you a list of keyboard shortcuts as well. Reader also lets you read your RSS feeds offline, which is great!

Mom_of_3, forgive me for the link, but I have a post that will probably be useful for Dana on RSS Feeds

Mom of 3 said...

No problem glblguy! Share away!