Thursday, August 2, 2007

Internet Tip of the Day...or Why You Need Roboform

Every Friday I post my "Friday Freebies." It's a list of free samples, products and coupons you can sign up for. They are all legitimate and actually come. I came up the idea when I started emailing friends and family with the links to all the freebies I was finding on the internet.

I get samples and free things in my mailbox almost everyday from doing this. It's fun to see what comes in the mail. Today I got a pouch of tuna, pedometer, magnetic notepad, and coupons for free products.

When I first started signing up for freebies years ago I discovered Roboform. Roboform can save your name, address, email, and passwords. It can save all of that, or just your name. Whatever you feel comfortable having it save it will save. Then when you go to fill out a form, login or sign up for a freebie, just click "Fill" instead of having to retype your personal information over and over again. Saves a lot of time and wear and tear on your fingers too :)


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